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How to Count Number of Messages in Messenger Chat

count number of messages in messenger chat
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How to Count Number of Messages in Messenger Chat, on our information site, we wanted to give information about the How to Count Number of Messages in Messenger Chat. All the details about the How to Count Number of Messages in Messenger Chat are in our article.

How to Count Number of Messages in Messenger Chat

Count Number of Messages in Messenger Chat: Do you know the total messages that you have on your Messenger Chat? Can it be Three hundred, or maybe in thousands? Will you believe us if we say that you can get information on the exact count of the messages in Messenger chat?

count number of messages in messenger chat

The only issue here is that there will be a need for some search here. Gone are the times when finding the message number you had was easy to find. All one had to do was go to their messenger, scroll towards the top right corner and there was the total number of messages mentioned there. However, with changing times and constant updates that these apps come with, one has to try other methods to make sure you reach that point.

So as we said earlier that there isn’t an easy method that you can go for now. So if you need to see the message number that you had with someone over Messenger, you will need to have access to the developer tools for your browser.

This also seems fairly easy, but there might be a requirement for the React Developer tool as well. But don’t get too stressed, as we have a step-by-step guide so that you can complete the entire task within minutes!

How to Count Number of Messages in Messenger Chat

The React Developer tool is going to offer you the tab for ‘React’ as well. This will be the extension to the open-source JavaScript library of React. You aren’t going to need to get confused or make any codes, just look at it as the hide-and-seek game. And understand that this will be done over your PC and on Google Chrome.

Here are the steps you need to follow:

  • First, launch Goggle Chrome and then go to “Chrome Web Store”.
  • Now, make use of the search bar present on the top left screen and search ‘React Developer Tools’. It is provided by Facebook.
  • Now tap on the ‘Add to Chrome’ option present on right and then install. You are going to be asked for confirmation in a new pop-up window. Click over ‘Add Extension’now.
  • Now restart your Google Chrome.
  • Visit the homepage of Facebook and then log in to the account by signing in.
  • Tap on Messenger in the top right corner. This step is going to expand the recent messages you had. On the bottom side of the menu, you can see the option of ‘See all in messenger’. Click on it.
  • On the left side, you have to open the conversation of which you want to see the message count.
  • Click ‘Customize and Control Google Chrome’ for opening the developer tools.
  • There you will see the tab of a component that you have to tap on.
  • Now you make use of the search bar and find the option of ‘messenger Detail View”.
  • Now, go to the Developer window that’s split into two windows that are separated by the scroll bar. Look on the right hand there is a small arrow under ‘state’ over the left side of the ‘active Thread’. This is going to expand the added lines on the code.
  • Now keep scrolling down till you can see ‘message_count’. This will be seen in alphabetical order and is easy to find.

Once you do this, you will be able to read the message number. This will be the information of total messages that you had with that person.

Final Thoughts:

While the older ways of finding the messages that were sent were easier, there were some downsides to it. Firstly, you had to keep scrolling on top to see the message. And this didn’t add the message that one scrolled past.

Finally, you were provided with a ballpark number, that won’t have been the precise count. This is where developer tools are helpful. For all purposes and intents, the method we mentioned above, is much better, and you won’t have to put in the extreme effort. Over that, there isn’t also a need for installing any suspicious software or even pay for any services that can risk the account information as well. This is just a simple method of diving into codes!

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