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How to Find Inactive Instagram Followers (And Remove Them)

find inactive instagram followers
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How to Find Inactive Instagram Followers (And Remove Them), on our information site, we wanted to give information about the How to Find Inactive Instagram Followers (And Remove Them). All the details about the How to Find Inactive Instagram Followers (And Remove Them) are in our article.

How to Find Inactive Instagram Followers (And Remove Them)

Instagram has been one of the favored social media apps that enables us to share our photos and videos, communicate with our friends, help us keep track of our favorite celebrities, and boost our fan following. Along with helping us share our content lightning-fast, Instagram has also developed into one of the best social media platforms for influencers, thereby becoming an easy way to earn their living.

find inactive instagram followers

However, while we are engaged with our daily activities over social media many of us often back out from the thing or give it a rest for some time to avoid the dizzying after-effects of the same. Furthermore, many of them also leave social media permanently or switch their accounts forever. Therefore, most of such accounts stand as dormant accounts and their respective users still continue to stay as inactive on our account. This often annoys most of us because their accounts are still followed by our accounts without absolutely no information that they would not be active again.

These users who would be inactive forever might return to their old accounts again. Therefore, it is essential to get rid of their accounts in order to keep track of their activities and also to cut off all our useless interactions in the future.


What Are Inactive Instagram Followers?
Why Should You Find and Remove Inactive Instagram followers?
How can you find inactive Instagram followers?
How can you find and remove real but inactive people?

What Are Inactive Instagram Followers?

The followers on Instagram who are inactive on the web app are those who don’t like or comment on any of your posts. These kinds of followers on Instagram are also termed, ghost followers. They might be active on their accounts but don’t engage in any of your posts. However, it’s always better to get rid of these kinds of followers because many of these followers might also end up being bots that utilize the follow and unfollow strategy to grow their own followers.

The follow and unfollow strategy is the act of following a bunch of Instagram users that urges them to follow them back. Also, in many cases, these inactive followers are often real-life people. However, there is nothing better than finding and removing in any case because that will simply benefit your account.

Engagement rate is something that will greatly be befitted if you remove such inactive followers immediately. It is one of the most important parameters on Instagram. You might be having tens of thousands of followers on Instagram, but if your engagement rate is low (under 3%), your account might be deemed poor.

If you are an influencer or a company and you want brands to work with you, then you need to ensure that your account has got at least 1,000 followers and present decent engagement rates. Likes are also a very significant factor to determine whether your account is doing good.

Why Should You Find and Remove Inactive Instagram followers?

Finding and removing inactive Instagram followers is important if you want a convincing engagement rate. In case your engagement rate is low on Instagram, then you might probably be having a lot of inactive or ghost Instagram followers. Therefore if you do not care about removing these inactive accounts then such accounts would be like parasites on Instagram and will adversely affect your engagement rate, which will result in pulling it down unexpectedly.

However, if this motivates you to find the inactive followers on your account, list them and delete them, then you need to know that this is not a very easy thing to do. However, we have decided to guide you with easy steps to help you find inactive Instagram followers, and remove them.

How can you find inactive Instagram followers?

As discussed earlier, there are usually two kinds of inactive Instagram followers. These are bots and real people who happen to be inactive.

In order to detect the inactive Instagram followers, you would have to be able to detect bots from your list of followers and people that are inactive, or those who don’t use Instagram anymore.

How can you find and remove bots?

You don’t have to worry much if you are looking for a way out to find bots flawlessly on Instagram because they are easily identifiable on Instagram.

Here’s how a bot account looks like:

  • They don’t usually have a profile picture
  • You may find a couple of posts or none of them at all from the account
  • Their posts might just have a little no engagement at all
  • They don’t even have many followers with them
  • Most of these accounts are created with odd usernames

These are some important factors that you should take into consideration while identifying a bot. However, you also need to make sure to scroll down and visit each person meticulously to rest assured. This is because there might also be real people that have all of these factors and on the other hand, there are some bots that might not exhibit them. Therefore, jumping to conclusions is a strict no-no.

Identifying Real people from bots: How to do?

You can easily use the above method of comparison to identify the real people on Instagram from bots.

While looking at these bot followers, you’ll need to keep the end goal in mind that is to let people engage in your content and keep all of them who do that on Instagram.

Therefore, when you go scrolling down the users on Instagram and you discover that some of your followers are not bots but real persons with no engagement or a negligible engagement rate, then prepare to remove them also.

How can you find and remove real but inactive people?

Now that we have already checked out how we can identify bots from real persons on Instagram, we will now have to find easy ways to identify real people who are inactive followers and thereby, add no value to our accounts.

How can you identify these people?

To find real people who are not active you just need to be a little observant and go through their engagement rates on your account. Therefore, the followers who are frequently liking and commenting on your posts and interacting with you on DM or replying to your messages are definitely active. However, those whom you know as real people or can identify as people with real existence but who don’t like or comment on your posts or chat with you on Instagram DM can be summed up as inactive ones.

Additionally, you can also use the feature that states ‘Least Interacted With’ to discover the person with whom you have least interacted. This will include that the person has not even engaged on your posts as well.

In case you want to mass-unfollow or unfollow people on Instagram without any delay, then you might opt for the ‘Least Interacted With’ feature. It will be of great help for sure!

The feature is quite new on Instagram and you can use the same to unfollow people without getting your action blocked.

The feature is Instagram’s way of telling you that you should unfollow these people based on your low interaction with them.

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