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How to Find Someone’s Phone Number from Facebook

facebook phone number finder
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How to Find Someone’s Phone Number from Facebook, on our information site, we wanted to give information about the How to Find Someone’s Phone Number from Facebook. All the details about the How to Find Someone’s Phone Number from Facebook are in our article.

How to Find Someone’s Phone Number from Facebook

With the advancement in technology, people are relying on social networking sites to stay connected with each other. Moreover, the pandemic has taught us a new meaning of social distance along with online networking platforms. More than 80% of the population is available on these sites.

facebook phone number finder

If you are looking for a person with whom you have been out of touch for quite some time, then there is a fairly high chance that you can find them on one such networking site. Facebook since its inception in 2004 has helped users to stay connected with friends, join groups and communities, play games, follow celebrities, share interesting topics, plan events or to chat online anywhere and anytime.

Based on the recent updates Facebook has about 500 million users. This platform has made it easier to share, stay connected and get information within just a click. You can state this application to be one of the most used and reliable platforms to join with friends, family or even make new friends.

If someone is searching for you on Facebook, then they simply have to sign in with a Facebook account and use the search bar to find any active Facebook user ID. If you have a public account, then others can usually view your post, activities and the information that you share. However, there are certain aspects like address, date of birth, phone number which you can keep private. Facebook has recently launched the locked profile feature which protects the users from unwanted targets and limits the personal information to only friends.

Basically, Facebook asks you to add certain information about you, so that someone can easily find you on Facebook. It can be your friend, any family member or an acquaintance who is currently out of touch. Yes, we do agree that Facebook is not the only platform to find the person or the phone number. However, you cannot deny the fact that with the number of active users on Facebook the probability of meeting any common friend gets significantly higher.

How to Find Someone’s Phone Number from Facebook

On Facebook, you can easily search for a person by using their ID. All you have to do is write their name on the search bar and select the option for people to avoid any additional content. You can also look for them by selecting a city, school, company, education, business etc. and this basically acts as a filter. The real trouble occurs when you don’t know their complete name.

But, Facebook is still trying to make the searches easier. Suppose, if you know this school name, then you can look for this person on particular pages or events related to the school. If you both are a member of a particular group, then you can go through the member list and join with this person. Furthermore, if you are blocked by this person, then you can seek help from a friend and try to reach out to them to sort the problem. But, what if you don’t have any other information other than the phone number? You can use Facebook as a reverse number search, and we will show you how.

1. Use the browser to look for Facebook Account Phone Number

Facebook being a multi-platform application can be accessed through the web browser as well as through smartphones. So, if you think of using any web browser, then you need to go to the official page of Facebook.

  • When prompted you need to log in with the correct credentials. Now, you can access your Facebook account.
  • Look for the search bar, click on it to activate the text field, it is usually present at the top of the page.
  • If you have any number in mind, then enter the ten-digit number along with the area code and hit the Enter key on the keyboard to proceed with the search.
  • Now, you have to wait for the search results. If the result section shows no name, then probably the account is set to private and is restricted from the search results.
  • There is a possibility that maybe they have deactivated their account. There is also a chance that they can disconnect the phone number from the Facebook account.
  • But, if any search result appears, then you need to click on it. This is actually the Facebook account linked with the phone number that you have entered earlier in the search bar.

Note: There is no particular format for entering the phone number.

This clarifies that if you have a number, or if you type any random number, you can easily get to know whose Facebook accounts the number is associated with.

2. Use the Phone to Look for a Facebook Account

If you access your Facebook account through either Phone or tablet, then there must be a particular application dedicated to Facebook, on your app list. Irrespective of the operating system you can access the application either on iOS and Android phones.

Now, to make your search easy you can go to the search bar and tap in it to type “Facebook” to reach the application at the earliest. Wait for the launch of the application, and we hope you are already logged in.

  • Now, look for the search bar within the application and use the non-alphabetic keyboard to type in the number.
  • Tap on the search button and double-check whether you have entered the ten-digit number. It must also include the area code, but no particular formatting is required.
  • And, within a single search, the applicable results will appear.

So, as we have mentioned earlier, if no search result is there, then probably the person has deactivated the profile or has turned on the Profile Lock feature. Otherwise, there is a possibility that they have switched to some other mobile number.

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