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How to Find Your Lost AirPods Case

How to Find Your Lost AirPods Case, on our information site, we wanted to give information about the How to Find Your Lost AirPods Case. All the details about the How to Find Your Lost AirPods Case are in our article.

How to Find Your Lost AirPods Case

Find Your Lost AirPods Case: Need some help finding your AirPods case, that might have been lost? When you’re not able to find your AirPods or the case, it does make listening to movies, shows, music, calls, podcast, and everything apart from that very difficult and you need the case at all times as well!

find your lost airpods casefind your lost airpods case

Although Apple does offer their Airpods user the choice of being able to track the earbuds with their app or through the web browser, when we speak of AirPods case, things get a bit tricky. You will be able to find the location of AirPods through the iCloud website or Find My App. Only when these are separated, finding the, can become an impossible situation.

If the users have been searching for the second one when they have the first, there will be a need for putting the first one in that case and refreshing the map. This will give information on the one that has gone missing.

But the question here is what if we lose the case itself? It can be because you lost it, or maybe it got stolen. Well here are some tips and tricks that you can give a try! Hopefully, this guide will work for you.

How to Find Your Lost AirPods Case
Can you Find Airpods Case in case they’re offline?
What to Do When the Airpod Case Gets Lost?

How to Find Your Lost AirPods Case

Remember that Airpods case doesn’t make any sound! The way by which you can locate the Airpods doesn’t work for finding the case itself.

Unfortunately, just the Airpods will make an alert sound the case doesn’t come with speakers, and therefore once you lose the case, this method isn’t going to work. In case your charging case has been missing or has got damaged in any way, you get to place a replacement order from the official Apple website for specified fees.

Can you Find Airpods Case in case they’re offline?

In a situation where you had left AirPods in the case and they don’t have any battery left, these will show an offline status. If this will be the first time when you had used ‘find my iPhone’, the offline status of Airpods will be shown when you go ahead and try to search for them once these are lost.

But still don’t lose hope, as there is still a way of navigating the lost location when these were online. And eventually, as these are kept in the case, you’re searching for the case also gets fulfilled.

  • Open the ‘Find my iPhone’ application, click on the AirPods option.
  • Now if it shows a grey icon, these are offline. But you will be able to see the last location over the map.
  • Tap over the car button for navigating the last online location. As the Airpods don’t have a battery and have been offline, there won’t be a sound.
  • Once you are closer to the location, you need to begin searching the area, and chances are that you will find the case and AirPods inside in that space.

What to Do When the Airpod Case Gets Lost?

Unfortunately, the limited warranty by Apple (1 year since purchase date) will be covering the defective batteries only. Therefore when you lose the Airpods case, you will need to get a replacement that can cost you from $ 59 to $ 99.

The replacement case can be new or equivalent to a new one in terms of reliability and performance. If you live in an area where the Apple store is near, you can go and check If they are providing replacements for Airpods case. If that’s a situation you can also get in touch with the online store and contact call support. Then request them to send you another Airpods case replacement for the required fees.

Final Thoughts:

This is a situation where one is on their own! The company hasn’t come up with any solution where you will be able to track the Airpods case alone. The best advice can be to try and retrace the places where you feel, you might have lost it. The cost of replacement isn’t low, but still will be cheaper than getting an entirely new set as well.

Try to make sure that you stay careful with the Airpods case in the first place and don’t lose them at all. Searching for them will be a big task and can get very time-consuming. Most people go for a replacement directly and if you can’t do that, keep them just for indoor usage at all times!

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