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How to Hide Your Activity on LinkedIn

hide your activity on linkedin
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How to Hide Your Activity on LinkedIn, on our information site, we wanted to give information about the How to Hide Your Activity on LinkedIn. All the details about the How to Hide Your Activity on LinkedIn are in our article.

How to Hide Your Activity on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is most favorite social media platform among all the professionals all over the world.  Today almost all the professional whether the employer or employee use LinkedIn for finding better opportunities and also as a medium of knowledge sharing. If you want to stay updated with all the happenings of your field of interest, then let me tell you having a profile on LinkedIn and having a connection with people of similar interests, will definitely work for you.

hide your activity on linkedin

But LinkedIn works quite differently than other social media platforms. One of the important features of LinkedIn is that if you like or comment on someone’s post, then that activity can be seen by all your connections. In the same way, if someone else likes your post or comment on it, then all their connection can see your post. So posting something on LinkedIn has a high ability to reach many people.

And because of this feature, many people out of your connection can get to know about you, and sometimes they also visit your profile. By coming to your profile one can get every information of your which you have updated like your education, work experience, your connection details, and even your mail-id. On your profile, there is a section known as “SHOW ACTIVITY.” In this section, anyone can see all the activities of yours, like the post you have shared or the post you have liked or the comment you have done on someone’s post, etc. It also shows the articles if you have published any.

This feature can be both beneficial and harmful to you. You can get either very good opportunity if someone is got quite impressed from your all the activities or because of this others can be somewhat judgmental towards you.

Reasons to Hide LinkedIn Activities from Others

1. To Avoid Bias Perception

We all know that everyone has their own opinion based on their own perception, though sometimes we get offended by someone’s different opinion than ours. The recruiter who has come on your profile also has some preference looking at your profile. If any of the activities shows that you have liked or commented on something that can be a matter of issue, then that might affect his/her perception of you. So it’s beneficial for you to avoid showing your activity status.

2. To Avoid Being Linked to Certain Ideology

One of the reasons for hiding your activity is to avoid any kind of politics or sensitive issue linked to your profile. If you have expressed your disapproval towards any government policy, that may affect your golden chance of work in any government agency.

So all and all though your activities on LinkedIn tell a lot about you, it’s a partial truth. No one should judge you on the basis of your LinkedIn activity and for that reason, it’s always better for you to hide your activity status.

How to Hide Your Activity on LinkedIn

  • Go on your LinkedIn profile, tap on “View profile” to go to your LinkedIn profile.
  • Here tap on the Settings icon at the top right.
  • On your profile setting tap on “Privacy”.
  • Here in the “privacy” section tap on “Edit your public profile”.
  • Here in this section toggle off the “Articles and Activities button” to the left.
  • This will hide your activity status from showing on your profile.

Apart from these settings you also can change the following settings to customize it as per your criteria.

1) Edit your LinkedIn public profile

In order to make any changes in your profile you have to go to the privacy section and you have to select the edit profile option. Here you can change each section of your public profile.  If you don’t want to show your profile publicly then you have to toggle off the button next to the profile public visibility.  By toggling this off will make all the features disabled. But if you do not want to disable all the features, and just want to change any specific feature then you have to go to the settings and privacy page.

Whichever feature you want to disable, you just have to toggle it off next to that particular feature like headline, summary, current and past experience, education, certification, etc. Even you can define, to whom your profile picture should be shown. This can be applicable to 1st-degree connections, your network, and all LinkedIn members.  Although these changes in settings will limit your post from being published.

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