How to Know if Someone is Online on Snapchat

know if someone is online on snapchat
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How to Know if Someone is Online on Snapchat

The introduction of messaging applications has made communication interactive, and responses have become more spontaneous. Through these applications, you can not only send text but also videos, images and emoticons, to express yourself. Furthermore, the application developers always intend to incorporate new changes and features to keep the user engaged and make communication flexible and convenient.

know if someone is online on snapchat

The most interesting part of these messaging tools is that you can directly message more than 80+ people at the same time by forming group chats or chat rooms. So, if you are planning a trip, no more fatigues in conveying the information. Thus, you get to deal with less drama and can read real-time text.

In this pandemic, the role of these messaging tools are truly commendable, it helps you to maintain physical distance and also save time and effort. It has brought people closer based on an online thread. With this app, before you text, you can check whether that person is online or not. Similarly, if anyone is ignoring your text, then also it has become easier to detect and deal with. Thus, you can decide not to bother that person anymore, or mend the damages.

One such online communication platform is Snapchat, an American multimedia messaging app, where you get to send messages, pictures and videos, which are also known as “Snaps”. The most notable feature of this messaging tool is that you get to exchange the snaps, but they are meant to disappear. As soon as they are viewed, these snaps become inaccessible to the recipient.

So, today, we will help you to understand Snapchat, its exclusive features and how you can check whether a person is online.


What are the exclusive features of Snapchat?

How to Know if Someone is Online on Snapchat

1. Use the Snapmap Feature
2. Go Through The Conversations
Have you tried to check the Snap Score?

What are the exclusive features of Snapchat?

Being available for both Android and iOS devices, it has secured its place among the best messaging applications. Here, you get to talk with your friends and family, explore news in the Discover section, or view the LiveStories from across the globe.

In its initial days, Snapchat was meant only to keep chats and discussions private and photo sharing. But, now you can do a lot more — send short videos, video chat, create emoticons or Bitmoji avatars, as they are known. You can have your own group of followers and broadcast your stories to them. You get a new type of camera feature, where you are free to add filters, change the lenses and share them with friends.

Furthermore, you can check if any of your friends are online. What If some is disturbing you with their DM, but you do not want to block them for now — The solution is quite simple, mute them, and they won’t even realize or get any notification regarding this.

Set the “Do not Disturb” mode, by holding the group or the individual’s account. Go to the settings and from the pop-up list silence the profile by selecting the “Do Not Disturb” option.

You can even hide posts from certain people. And, for that you must hover over your post and in the top right corner, the hide button will appear. Simply tap on it, and they will never know about it.

Usually, the friendships on Snapchat are mutual, i.e. and your profile is always private. So, only those in your friendship zone get access to your stories/profiles. Make sure that the account is genuine and then only add them.

Now that you know how Snapchat actually works, it’s time to find out whether you can detect if someone is online or not.

How to Know if Someone is Online on Snapchat

1. Use the Snapmap Feature

If you have been using Snapchat for quite some time, then you must be familiar with the Snapmap feature which allows others to view the current location of the user. But provided that the user must share his/her location and make it accessible for the friends.

If you check someone’s Snapchat location, then you need to click on Bitmoji’s status. Basically, a Snapmap is similar to creating stories that are only accessible through maps.

To access the Snapmap, you need to open the application, swipe down the Home screen or the camera screen from the top. And, now you can access the Snap map page, where your present location will be showing.

Look for the Snap map and select the Bitmoji avatar. Right there, underneath their name, you will find whether they were online or not. If you find the label “Just Now” it denotes that the user is still active and using the application.

Looking for an alternative way, then you can directly hop on to his/her profile and tap on the avatar. This will bring up the profile details, and thus you can access the Snap Map.

Now, if you cannot see their location, then it indicates that the user must have kept it hidden, by using the Ghost mode. This feature denies anyone from accessing or locating him/her on the map. But not to worry, we can help you with plenty of other options to check the activity status of a Snapchat user.

2. Go Through The Conversations

If you are in contact with the person or talk to them on a daily basis, then it gets easier to locate whether he/she is active and online at present. But, there is a catch, this feature will only work, if that person has viewed your last sent messages.

Simply launch the Snapchat application and swipe to reach the chat page. Keep scrolling until you reach the individual’s chat. Now, tap on the user name whose online activity you want to check, to open it. The conversation list will appear, you can click on the New Snap option to view the details. Otherwise, again tap on the user’s name and select the New Chat option, this will enable you to read their chat messages.

If that individual has opened the chat and is online, too, then in the extreme bottom left of the Snapchat screen, a small Bitmoji avatar will appear. But, as soon as the person leaves the conversation, the avatar won’t be there anymore.

Did you miss your chances and your messages are on reading, but without any reply? Then, it is time to move to a new method and verify whether the person is actually online or not.

Have you tried to check the Snap Score?

The Snap score is only available to the person who has been added to the friend list or is being followed back.

The number of Snaps that you send and receive all are combined together to form the Snap Score; one point for each message. Moreover, you also earn one snap point for posting stories, too, thus it increases the score. But, just by viewing the stories, you cannot raise your snap score. Basically, a high snap score is identified as a mark of a genuine account.

So, keep a record of the person’s snap score. If you find it increasing, then definitely they are online and are busy sending snaps. Simply launch the application and navigate to your profile. You can tap on the avatar that represents you in the top right corner. Now, move to the “My Friends” option, look for the Bitmoji avatar that resembles the individual whose online status you would want to know. Check the Snap Score, and it will be present right under the name of the person. Usually, the Snap Score gets updated within 2-3 minutes. So, you need to keep a note of the score after every 10 to 15 minutes. Thus, if you see that the snap score has increased within this interval, then definitely that person was online.

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