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How to Pin Someone Else’s Tweet to Your Profile

How to Pin Someone Else’s Tweet to Your Profile, on our information site, we wanted to give information about the How to Pin Someone Else’s Tweet to Your Profile. All the details about the How to Pin Someone Else’s Tweet to Your Profile are in our article.

How to Pin Someone Else’s Tweet to Your Profile

Twitter is a social media platform where people do have some intellectual conversation. Now people don’t use Twitter just for their personal use, but like any other social media platform, people use Twitter also for marketing of their brand, to gain more followers, and to convert them into their potential clients.

pin someone else's tweet to your profilepin someone else's tweet to your profile

Twitter has always been a microblogging platform that was founded by Jack Dorsey, and partners back in 2006. People on Twitter are always hungry for content. They follow people of similar interests and also celebrities like sports players, actors, and political leaders.

The message you share on Twitter is called tweets. And others can easily judge you by the type of tweets you share on Twitter. Sometimes some of your tweets get so many likes, comments, and retweets than others. At that time if you pin that particular tweet on your profile, then whenever someone comes on your Twitter handle for the first time, they can see that tweet easily.

The other feature of Twitter is that you can retweet the post of someone else if you like it, and it will appear on your profile, but not necessarily at the top. If you want that post to appear on the top of your profile then you have to pin the tweet that has been shared by others, but that option is not available on the tweeter itself.

If you want to pin someone else tweet on your profile then, there are two ways are Retweet it with a comment and then pin it and use the Twitter tool website.

How to Pin Someone Else’s Tweet to Your Profile

Pinning someone else tweet is quite an easy process, which you can follow both on your smartphone or desktop with the use of the Twitter tool website.

  • For that go to tweet tool website Twtools and select the “pin any tweet” option.
  • For Twtools to pin someone else tweet on your the profile you need click on “allow access
  • On later stage click on the “authorize app” if you are ok with the actions it takes with your profile.
  • If you have clicked on “Authorize app”, then head over to the tweet you want to pin and copy the link.
  • If you are doing this through laptop/desktop then copy the link from omnibar, and if you’re doing it from your android/ios then tap on the arrow icon in the top right corner of the tweet you want to pin.
  • If you are using iPhone, then tap on “share tweet via”, for android users no need to do this step.
  • As soon as you do this, one box will pop up, from there tap on “copy link to tweet” in order to copy the tweet’s URL in your device’s clipboard.

An important point to note here is that you should not retweet the particular tweet or else it will block the Twtools from pinning the tweet.

Now to pin the selected tweet on your profile, pest the copied URL in twtools app and click on “Pin this tweet”.

Thus by using this Twtool you can easily pin any of the favorite tweets on your profile. Now let’s suppose you don’t want that tweet on your profile, then at that time just click on the retweet option and then click on undo retweet and that tweet will disappear from your profile.

As this is a third-party app, you need to revoke its access for the security of your profile. To do that, open Twitter on your web, tap on the “more” option in the sidebar, one drop-down menu will appear, from there select “settings and privacy”.

In this “settings and privacy” section click on “Apps and sessions” on the right-hand side of the screen.

It will display the list of applications linked to your account.

From this list select the Twtools to revoke the access button to stop the app from accessing your profile.

This process of revoking will not remove the pinned tweet from your profile.

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