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How to See First Message on Telegram Without Scrolling

see first message on telegram without scrolling
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How to See First Message on Telegram Without Scrolling, on our information site, we wanted to give information about the How to See First Message on Telegram Without Scrolling. All the details about the How to See First Message on Telegram Without Scrolling are in our article.

How to See First Message on Telegram Without Scrolling

The instant messaging app also called Telegram, is continuing to be the front runner when we speak of alternatives in the field. In case you had recently ditched Whatsapp and have begun your journey with Telegram, there are several tips and tricks that you might not be aware of as of now. We are here with the ultimate guide on ways by which you can see the first message over Telegram without the need for scrolling.

see first message on telegram without scrolling

Telegram is one of the best solutions that provide features of both Signal and WhatsApp. The application is collecting lesser data when compared with WhatsApp but it will be still more than your new Signal.

Although Telegram does manage to provide similar functions that the competitors provide but you don’t have many customization options available. Did you know that Telegram even has its tips channel where you can learn so much about the app?

You will also be able to learn about how you can quickly see the first message on Telegram instead of the never-ending scrolling for the search for the first message. You will be able to use the trick for instantly reaching the Telegram chat first message and all of this will be done within minutes.

In case you join any chat on Telegram and there are messages from other members, traditionally, there will be a need for you to scroll up through the discussion for finding the first message over a topic.

But how can you one do this possible when there are hundreds of group members and even more messages? Here we have for you a simple easy to follow guide for making sure you make use of the first chat or channel on Telegram.


Make sure that you have updated the application with the latest version before you go ahead with the guide!

How to See First Message on Telegram Without Scrolling

Let’s say this is your first day of joining an already active channel on Telegram and there are thousands of text messages in front of you. Being the new member, you won’t feel like interrupting the discussion that’s going on, and then you decide on scrolling to the top and start reading. Well, there is a short way to do that, and here is our step-by-step guide, for making sure you do this, so let’s begin!

Step 1: Select menu icon shaped as three dots that’s present on the right corner on top of the screen and tap select.

  • It is going to open a search window for you.
  • Mostly, people tap on the option for searching a keyword and show you the results in your chat.
  • But in case there are several messages, it’s never practical to scroll up and down for the first result.

Step 2: Something, that has to be done differently here is while you choose to search in the window, you will also see there is a calendar icon on the bottom right of the screen.

Step 3: Now choose the Calendar icon, and this will give you the calendar’s monthly view of events in specific chats.

Step 4: All you have to do is scroll on top and just tap on the first date you see on that calendar and it will take you to the first message that was sent.

Voila! Now you have found the first chat message on a chat in just a few seconds.

Bottom Line:

Being able to find the first message on Telegram without the need to scroll is very easy. The only problem being, most people even after being on the app for years, aren’t aware of this feature. But you do know about it, so let us know how it works for you and if made your problem a bit simpler.

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