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How to Send Direct Message to Someone on Discord Without Being Friends‍

How to Send Direct Message to Someone on Discord Without Being Friends‍, on our information site, we wanted to give information about the How to Send Direct Message to Someone on Discord Without Being Friends‍. All the details about the How to Send Direct Message to Someone on Discord Without Being Friends‍ are in our article.

How to Send Direct Message to Someone on Discord Without Being Friends‍

Every network has its own way of making people connect to each other. In the case of Discord, it is the servers. For people who are already a part of any community, Discord is a common name. In fact, in today’s world, Discord is one of the most popular platforms for many online communities to gather together. It is a famous platform for gamers. People with similar interests can form a community and come closer through Discord.

send direct message to someone on discord without being friendssend direct message to someone on discord without being friends

You can often come across old friends or people who take interest in the same activity as yours, and overall, it is a great way of communication. Discord does not involve only the chat function. Instead, one can use Discord to video call and voice call effectively.

Suppose you have met people with similar interests and want to establish a similar connection with them. You can wish to directly message them. However, Discord has established many security features to safeguard and prioritize the choice of the users. It gives any user the immense privilege to go on chatting without facing any type of spam or trolls and avoid the annoying disturbances that are part of most of the chatting platforms.

How to Send Direct Message to Someone on Discord Without Being Friends‍

Usually, it is a conventional norm in Discord that you can send messages only to those who belong to your friend list.

If the user does not belong to your friend list, you will need to share a server with them for being able to send them direct messages on Discord.

First, you need to understand that for you to be able to send a discord message to anyone who is not on your friend list, the privacy settings of the person have to be permissive. If the person on the other end has already set their privacy settings in a way that nobody outside their friend list can connect with them you shall not be able to send them any messages

This privacy setting could also apply to individual servers. Any person on Discord can join a server and choose to turn off the direct messages from an unknown person from the same server who is not their friend.

However, if all of these barriers do not exist, then you can be sure that you have a chance of sending direct messages to anyone who is not your friend. Simply join a server that they are also a part of. Find the user on that server and tap on the screen. You will come across a message box where you can type the message you want to send. There is also another way in which you can do this. Simply go to their profile and tap on the “Send Message” option. You can easily send them direct messages.

If the person accepts friend requests then you could also try sending them one. This is a good way to start things around. If the user has set privacy preferences or has blocked you, you will not be able to send them the message, and the status showing “Failed” will appear, as soon as you try to send them a message.

If the person is already your friend on Discord, just tap on the Discord icon on the top right corner of the screen, and from the menu that appears, select the “Friends” option. You will now be easily able to send them the message you want to.

Other than using a mutual channel or what we referred to previously as the same server, one might also try out the process of creating a shareable Link for Group Chats. If you have the username of the person along with the four-digit number, you can create a group with them to exchange messages. All you have to do is open “Discord” and on the upper right corner – click on the “chat” option. In the bar, type the user name along with the numerical. Now tap the option “Create Group”. As soon as you do this, you shall get a shareable link and this link you can share with others (simply copy and paste)  through your social media networks. Now, the person will be able to access the group through this link (if they want to) and you can carry on with the conversation.

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