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How to Unfollow Everyone on Facebook at Once

unfollow everyone on facebook at once
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How to Unfollow Everyone on Facebook at Once, on our information site, we wanted to give information about the How to Unfollow Everyone on Facebook at Once. All the details about the How to Unfollow Everyone on Facebook at Once are in our article.

How to Unfollow Everyone on Facebook at Once

Facebook has been one of the amazing apps that are being used by millions of people across the world and our family and friends are also present there. This is an essential platform for staying connected with people that are far away from you. For the most part, getting a message from your best friends is a delight. But there can be times when one gets overloaded with several notifications of what they had posted.

unfollow everyone on facebook at once

If you find that some of your friends have been posting a lot of content, there is a probability where you are missing out on content that might be relevant for you. This can also lead to frustrations and there are posts sometimes that are just offensive and annoying.

Some of our friends over the app also aren’t aware of things they post, there are boring memes, savage criticism of stupid topics, and half facts over sensitive information. The problem is that unfriending them isn’t an option as you meet them in real life too.  But what can one do to make sure that there isn’t any newsfeed from them on your wall as well?

The main benefit of unfollowing people is that you always have the choice of re-following them, without the need for sending them another friend request of following as you will stay friends. There is also a probability that you have a huge friend list. And you are getting tired of taking a look at the posts. When you unfollow them, you will not be able to see any newsfeed from their account and still be able to see profiles.

This is a great and easy option to go for when the number of people that have to be un-followed. But what can be done when you feel like unfollowing everyone at one tap? Is there a way to do that? Well yes, and keep reading for all the answers that you had been looking for!

How to Unfollow Everyone on Facebook at Once

Here we have for you the simplest way of unfollowing people at once on your Facebook app:

Step 1: Move to your Newsfeed Preferences

When you have logged in to the Facebook account and are on the home page, go on the down arrow that is present on the top right of your screen. This will show you the menu from which you have to choose the Newsfeed Preferences option.

Step 2: Tap on “ Unfollow People and Groups to Hide Their Posts”

You can now see the list of the account that you have been following. These will be the ones that you see on the Newsfeed as well.

Step 3: Tap on every avatar to unfollow

You now have to tap once for each of the avatars that you want to unfollow. Unfortunately, there isn’t a way by which you can select all people at once. You will need to click on every one of them. But honestly, this is faster than visiting each of the profiles and then clicking on unfollow.

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