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How to Watch YouTube Videos Faster Than 2x Speed

watch youtube videos faster than 2x speed
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How to Watch YouTube Videos Faster Than 2x Speed, on our information site, we wanted to give information about the How to Watch YouTube Videos Faster Than 2x Speed. All the details about the How to Watch YouTube Videos Faster Than 2x Speed are in our article.

How to Watch YouTube Videos Faster Than 2x Speed

YouTube is that primary teacher, which is not only an entertainment platform but excelled with multifarious talents and skills. YouTube has been one of the most used applications worldwide and updated itself to suffice the modern world demands. It has also come up with various new features other than videos, like, shorts and a separate music application. YouTube shorts allow the content creators to upload a small portion of their work, which can serve as an introduction to their channel, and thus they can reach more people and gain followers.

watch youtube videos faster than 2x speed

Every YouTube video is available in a range of pixels for the viewer to stream depending on their internet speed and choice. There are also various speeds available in which the viewer can stream according to his/her choice.

The subtitle option gives freedom of choice and one can stream videos in any language but comprehend through the subtitles option. YouTube Kids is something that helps parents to enhance themselves and enrich their child’s knowledge without any vulgarity involved. Thus YouTube is one of the best applications, despite the cons it holds.

Since all of us live in an era where we wish for everything to be fast and real quick, YouTube videos’ speed can also be fast-forwarded than 2x, both on your screens and android applications. Some videos can be surpassingly long and time-consuming which might lead to losing our interest, therefore it becomes necessary for us to increase the speed of the video and learn quicker.

Here we are going to share with you a list of options and their respective steps with which you can speed the video.

How to Watch YouTube Videos Faster Than 2x Speed

Are you having trouble with keeping up with the present video speed on YouTube?

Today, we shall be taking a look at a simple guide on how you can improve the video speed more than twice on your mobile and desktop. The best part is that you will be able to do all of this without many coding knowledge requirements.

This trick proves to be highly useful when we need to watch tutorials that are three or four hours long. Several YouTube videos tend to be fairly slow or even fast for our understanding. For making sure we keep up with the playback speed of videos on Youtube here is all that you need to do!

Method 1: Making Use of Chrome Developer Tools

Let’s begin with the detailed guide now. The first method involves making the speed of the videos faster by using Chrome developer tools. As we know that YouTube allows speed from only 0.25x – 2x. But what if we need to increase the speed to say 3x, 5x, 8x, etc, or maybe even lower than 0.25 of the normal speed?

Therefore to increase the speed beyond 2x, follow these steps:

  1. To begin with, play the video, of whose speed you intend to increase. Also, open developer tools of the internet browser you have.
  2. On the Right side of your screen, three dots appear, and click on that.
  3. A drop-down list appears, go to the ‘more tools option’ and click on the ‘developer options’
  4. A coding screen rises on the side of the main screen.
  5. It has 4 rubrics on top named, ‘Elements, Console, Sources and Network’
  6. Go to the Console window and type the following code: $(‘video’).playbackRate=4
  7. This code will automatically increase the video’s speed by 4 times and one can thus enjoy their screening.
  8. If the speed by 4 times, doesn’t suffice you, you can just enter 8 in place of 4 in the aforementioned code in the same, Console window. $(‘video’).playbackRate=8
  9. You can even reduce the speed by entering the command value of your choice until 16.

Remember, there are fixed values in the chrome directory, therefore it won’t exceed beyond 16.

Did you see that we have already made codes and given them to you right here? This will not require any kind of technical knowledge from your side.

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